Co-Curricular Assessment (DASA)


As a result of the merger of the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs and Student Affairs in 2012, assessment efforts in undergraduate co-curricular and many academic areas are now centralized within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA).  Each unit has historically assessed undergraduate student learning and development through an annual reporting process that has resulted in a strong foundation of unit-level objectives and learning outcomes and an efficient and effective process.  Moving forward, the focus on outcomes assessment will continue with a unified process.


Each of the units within DASA that focuses on undergraduate student learning and development is required to assess at least two outcomes each year, and to complete and submit a report on that assessment in early September.  The report is comprised of four sections:

  1. A comprehensive list of the department-level mission, objectives, and outcomes;
  2. A discussion of the outcomes that were assessed during the previous academic year and any decisions made based on those findings;
  3. The plan for assessing at least two outcomes in the current academic year; and
  4. A discussion of other data that has been collected and any decisions that have been made based on that data.


The reports are collected by the Office of Assessment and read by the Assistant Director.  The Assistant Director then provides feedback and suggestions on the reports and meets with each individual unit to discuss the previous year’s report and the next assessment cycle.