External Undergraduate Academic Program Review

Periodically, the college dean(s) and the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), on behalf of the Provost, review each undergraduate program. Their review is focused on the quality of the program and the summative use of results. In preparation for the review, programs should complete the self-study and submit the portfolio to the college associate dean(s) and to the DASA Vice Chancellor and Dean. Programs are encouraged to work with their Associate Dean and the DASA Vice Chancellor and Dean to tailor these guidelines to meet the needs of the program. Programs with external accreditation requirements may use self-study portfolios developed for accreditation in lieu of the guidelines below if approved by the college associate dean and the DASA Vice Chancellor and Dean. The DASA Director of Assessment is available to help the programs with their assessment efforts.

The primary purpose of the periodic external comprehensive review is for faculty to reflect upon, evaluate, and improve the undergraduate education provided by their program. The review process provides a framework within which to make programmatic improvements and also provides an opportunity for programs to showcase successes. Please refer to the Academic Affairs Assessment Planning Team’s final report for further details about the process, the roles of faculty members and administrators, and the Guiding Principles.

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