Co-Curricular Assessment


As a result of the merger of the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs and Student Affairs in 2012, assessment efforts in undergraduate co-curricular and many academic areas are now centralized within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). Each unit has historically assessed undergraduate student learning and development through an annual reporting process that has resulted in a strong foundation of unit-level objectives and learning outcomes and an efficient and effective process. Moving forward, the focus on outcomes assessment will continue with a unified process.

Every unit within DASA is required to assess at least two outcomes each year and to complete and submit a report on that assessment in early fall.  DASA units that have a direct connection to undergraduate student learning assess unit-level learning/development outcomes.  DASA units that do not directly impact student learning and development assess unit-level program/administrative outcomes.  Units that focus primarily on program/administrative outcomes may also include and assess learning/development outcomes if they so choose, but they are not required to.

The reporting process is comprised of three components:

  1. An Assessment Plan for assessment for the following academic year that also includes a comprehensive list of the unit-level mission, objectives, and outcomes, along with the year(s) each will be/have been assessed.
  2. An Assessment Report that provides a discussion of and details about the two (or more) outcomes that were assessed during the previous academic year; this report also includes information about the methodology used to conduct the assessment and a description of any other data used to make assessment decisions (outside of the two or more outcomes measured).
  3. Decisions (included in the Assessment Report) that outlines how and to whom assessment findings were shared, along with decisions made and/or actions taken in response to the assessment findings.

The Assessment Plan and Assessment Report are submitted to the appropriate leadership within the division (Vice Provost, Executive Director (ED), Associate Vice Provost (AVP), and/or Assistant Dean) for the unit.  That person evaluates the reports using a standard rubric and provides feedback to the unit on the assessment plan.  Reports deemed not satisfactory are sent back to the unit for edits, changes, or additions as needed.  Reports are reviewed by each level of leadership in turn (e.g., Associate Vice Provost then Vice Provost) and once deemed satisfactory, each Vice Provost/Executive Director/Associate Vice Provost provides a summary report to the Vice Chancellor and Dean of DASA that addresses the three questions below:

  1. Overall quality of the assessment in your area (using the rubrics as a guide)
  2. Important findings for the Vice Chancellor and Dean to know about
  3. Summary of the improvements that are being implemented by individual units to address the findings

Reports are also submitted to the Office of Assessment for evaluation and feedback.

A diagram illustrating the general process is available here…

The rubric used to evaluate the reports is available here…

Templates used by the individual units for assessment reporting are available below:

Assessment Plan Template (for 2016-17 assessment)

Assessment Report Instructions (for 2015-16 report)  | Assessment Report Template (for 2015-16 report)