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Assessment Plans

Undergraduate Academic Programs Assessment Plans

  • Each program and transcripted certificate must have a set of comprehensive student learning outcomes that are measurable and assessed within a three to five-year cycle. DASA Assessment generally recommends narrowing the list of outcomes to four to seven high-level outcomes the faculty would expect students to do or to know as a result of graduating from the program.
  • Each program and certificate must use direct measures of learning that are aligned with the outcomes such as test questions (not grades) or projects with a rubric from upper-level courses. A single tool or set of questions from a major exam may be used to assess multiple outcomes.

General Education Competencies Assessment Plans

  • DASA Assessment in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs implements the assessment plan for the general education competencies.

DASA Assessment Plans

  • An assessment plan is in place for the following academic year that also includes a comprehensive list of the unit-level mission, objectives, and outcomes, along with the year(s) each will be/have been assessed.
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