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First Term Survey

The First Term Survey is live February 20 – March 24.

What is the First Term Survey?

Six weeks into the fall and spring semesters, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) invites all new first-year and transfer students to participate in the First Term Survey to collect information about new student experiences. DASA faculty and staff use these data to guide decisions and promote student success. More specifically, the survey collects data on student experiences with new student programming, acclimating to NC State, advising, counseling, academic support, leadership development, and sense of community, and more. 

Where can I claim a prize?

All students who complete the First Term Survey during its first week (February 20-February 24) are entered to win a $50 Amazon e-gift card (known as the “early respondent” prize). Everyone who completes the survey before March 3 is entered to win 1 of 6 $25 Amazon e-gift cards or another $50 Amazon e-gift card. Students must acknowledge that they won one of the above gift card prize before it is distributed to them via email. Assessment staff will email winners directions for how to acknowledge the prize.

Additionally, all students who complete the survey will receive a “thank you” email that confirms their completion. The email directs eligible students to a specific date/time and location where they can select a tabling prize. Tabling prizes include t-shirts, cups, mugs, cards for free coffee from Port City Java, bags, and other prizes. Prizes are claimed on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee students their desired prize. Students must show their confirmation email to demonstrate that they completed the survey to select a prize.

Stop by Talley to get a prize just for participating! Prizes are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

How does the survey help DASA support students?

Beyond providing data to units that can be used to inform student support services, the survey itself helps connect new members of the Wolfpack with key support resources. The survey measures students’ confidence levels in identifying various campus resources that can help them adjust to life at NC State and links to these campus resources are provided to respondents.

Additionally, survey respondents who report psychological or academic difficulty during their transition to NC State are quickly contacted by the appropriate staff members who offer assistance. This is made possible through the collaborative efforts of a response team including DASA Assessment, the Counseling Center and Prevention Services, advisors in Academic Advising Programs and Services, Scholarships and Financial Aid, University Housing, the GLBT Center, the Women’s Center, and Student Ombuds Services.

Before and during the survey, students are informed that survey responses will be kept confidential to the extent possible unless otherwise noted. Students are informed that “Based on your responses to some of the questions in this section only, your answers and contact information may be shared on a limited basis with other NC State offices and a staff member may contact you to offer support. Other than that contact, your responses will remain confidential and will only be released in summary format.”

How can DASA units help the survey reach more students?

DASA units can do their part to help the First Term Survey reach more students by encouraging new students to complete the survey. Students receive an email invitation to complete the survey six weeks into the semester. Students will receive communications about the survey every few days until they complete it or the survey closes.

First Term Survey Media Toolkit

How can DASA use First Term Survey data?

First Term Survey aggregate results are reported for first-year and transfer students in separate reports every semester. DASA Assessment can also provide specific reports of aggregate data on particular populations of students or aggregate results for those who have participated in the unit’s programs or activities. These custom reports can be provided through the Data Request form below.

Request Custom First Term Survey Data

First Term Survey Reports

Please note that spring survey data is only available for 2019 onward because that was the first year the instrument was administered to spring-entry students in addition to fall-entry students.