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Stop Out Survey

Each year DASA Assessment emails a survey to students who were enrolled at NC State during the previous school year but did not re-enroll for the following academic semester. Students leave college for a variety of reasons, and the Stop Out Survey seeks to gain a better understanding of why students at NC State decide not to re-enroll. DASA Assessment introduced a spring Stop Out Survey in January 2022; this survey was administered to students who were enrolled in the fall semester but did not re-enroll for the spring semester. This was the first time the instrument had been administered in the spring semester.

DASA Assessment coordinates with staff in Advising Technology to provide support for students who are stopped out. Advising Technology administers a Stop Out campaign in Student Success GPS to contact students who don’t re-enroll and provide students support and resources for enrollment.

Stop Out Survey Reports

The Stop Out Survey was not administered in summer 2020 due to disruptions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.