General Education Assessment


The assessment of General Education at NC State is coordinated through the Office of Assessment in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). In spring 2012, five general education competencies were identified by a group of faculty and staff and were vetted through faculty senate, the Council on Undergraduate Education, and the Associate Deans.

The Office of Assessment, in partnership with faculty from across campus, uses rubrics with student work to assess oral communication and written communication. Critical and creative thinking has been assessed through testing, surveys, and rubrics applied to student products through NC State’s Quality Enhancement Plan. In addition, we assess writing, reading, mathematics and critical thinking for first-year and senior students using the ETS Proficiency Profile,┬áthe Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT), and ETS HEIghten Quantitative Literacy Assessment.

List of GE Competencies

Written Communication

Oral Communication

Critical and Creative Thinking

Quantitative Literacy

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