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Written Communication at NC State


The Pack Proficiencies (General Education Competencies), including written communication, develop through multiple and sustained experiences across the General Education Program (GEP). ENG 101 provides a foundation for written communication. It is expected that the communication-in-the-major co-requisite provides additional support to build upon that foundation.

Written Communication

Written communication is the purposeful development, expression, and revision of ideas in writing for specific audiences. Effective written communication follows appropriate genre conventions and may include a combination of text and other media.

Institiute for Advanced Analytics student takes notes during class on Centennial Campus.


  • Writing is purposeful and varies according to context. As such, a generally educated NC State student will produce writing in a variety of genres that follows conventions appropriate to the intended audience and purpose.
  • Writing is a complex, nonlinear process. As such, a generally educated NC State student will be able to use various strategies for planning, developing, revising, and polishing texts.
  • Writing often builds on the work of others and strategies for locating and criteria for evaluating information vary according to context. As such, a generally educated NC State student will locate, evaluate, and synthesize the work of others in ways that are appropriate to the writing context.
Written Communication Outcomes Map

Assessment of Written Communication

Current Assessment Activities

In Fall 2023, DASA Assessment and the Office of Assessment and Accreditation administered the scenario-based writing task to first-year students. Assessment staff partnered with faculty in the First Year Writing Program to administer the assessment to students in ENG 101 in August 2023. The scoring of these completed assessments is scheduled for December 2023.

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