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This text should be wrapping around the image of Ms. Wuf above, which is aligned left. Changing the image size does not fix the problem. Boo. Hiss.


Right alignment works fine! As does text wrapping. Yay! We’re the Red and White from State, and we know we are the best. Go Pack!

Row block below this text…..but not visible! See this in edit mode.

This row block doesn’t display the background color selected. Also,white is not available as a text color! But links like this one are in white. The entire block is not visible in live mode.

  1. Ordered list item number 1
  2. Ordered list item number 1
  3. Trying to start with a new value of 1 but not working.
  4. Should be 2….

Just some text. Blah.

  1. Another ordered list, trying to start with a new value of 3 but not working.
  2. Should be 4…