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Academic Assessment


The Office of Assessment works to support the assessment of academic quality at NC State both through student learning outcomes and academic program review. This takes several forms, briefly defined below:

Undergraduate Academic AssessmentThe annual process in which undergraduate degree and certificate programs submit an assessment report on their student learning outcomes.

External Undergraduate Academic Program ReviewThe external review of the quality of undergraduate degree programs through the use of self-study and on-site review every 8 years.

General Education Competency AssessmentThe continuous assessment of NC State’s general education competencies (critical and creative thinking, oral communication, quantitative literacy, and written communication) in first-year and senior students.

Assessment of New Undergraduate Degree Programs

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Quick Guide


For all areas of academic assessment, colleges are responsible for program quality. DASA, OIRP, and the colleges are collectively responsible for process quality.

Academic programs will be engaged in the assessment process by explicitly stating student learning outcomes, continuously evaluating students’ achievement of those outcomes, providing evidence that results have been used to consider programs, and demonstrating that assessment is ongoing and continuous. Additionally, programs will consider course outcomes within the context of program-level review.