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New to Assessment

DASA Assessment works to support assessment efforts in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs by providing resources and consultation through all phases of the assessment process. DASA Assessment collects, reviews, and provides feedback on assessment reports at the unit-level. Assessment reports are due annually in July via Google Docs. DASA faculty and staff participate in the assessment process in many ways. Faculty and staff may:

  • Collectively write or revise their unit’s outcomes (both learning outcomes and program/administrative);
  • Develop or modify instruments to assess student learning outcomes;
  • Develop plans to gather data on program/administrative outcomes;
  • Collect student learning outcomes data through programs overseen by the faculty or staff member;
  • Engage in conversations with unit on actions to address areas for improvement; and
  • Write components of assessment reports.

Faculty and staff who manage the unit assessment process may have additional responsibilities such as:

  • Coordinating assessment activities at the unit-level, including sharing results, facilitating discussions on actions taken to improve programs;
  • Submitting annual assessment reports to your senior leadership supervisor and DASA Assessment;
  • Identifying and coordinating an appropriate response to assessment data (“actions taken to address areas for improvement”); and
  • Communicating with DASA Assessment staff.

DASA Assessment supports faculty and staff in these processes and can provide resources and consultation during all stages of assessment including planning, data collection, and reporting. To get started with assessment, please consult the following resources:

New to Assessment from NILOA: